Are You Ready to Stand Out from the Crowd?

If you’re having trouble identifying and communicating the qualities that make you unique…

If you’re sure that you’ve got many special attributes but can’t seem to put your finger on exactly what they are---or how to verbalize them…

If you’re finding that the networking you’ve been doing hasn’t paid off…

then we should talk.

My approach to coaching is to be that third-party observer who is able to take an unbiased look. I help clients strip away the extraneous and focus on the essential. It’s quite common for my clients to have a “eureka moment” when we discover their hidden assets and talents.

I'll give you what I call the “Witkow Edge”! Call me today! You only have one chance for a great first impression. 203-227-0466

  • I had the pleasure of working with Stan when I was unemployed. He was instrumental in helping me understand employment as I could never have imagined. His ideas and suggestions were spot on and I recommend Stan highly for anyone who needs to brush up on their professional image.

    Marc Z.
  • Stan Witkow is an extremely effective career counselor who made a significant difference in my recent job search process. He taught me the importance of creating a concise, clear statement of the value that I could contribute to the senior management team of a company. The process of shaping this message had an impact on how I was able to present myself to networking contacts and potential employers. Stan recommended revisions to my resume that would attract the attention of recipients and quickly communicate to them my value, and why they should contact me. He offered suggestions to improve my elevator speech and how to adapt it to the setting where it would be presented.

    Diane A.
  • Stan recently presented an effective, professional and practical jobseeker seminar at the Library on “Personal Branding”. Participants came away with workable ideas of ways they may strengthen their job search campaigns in order to stand out from the competition. We appreciate that Stan provided this opportunity to our jobseekers.

    Sylvia Shulman
    Westport Library Reference Librarian
  • Working with Stan helped me to achieve my career search goals. Stan stresses the human side of the job search, emphasizing that how we present background and experience data is as important as the data itself. Stan taught me how to take my own personal experience and mold it into a story that can capture the audience’s interest and cause the pieces to automatically fall into place and lodge in their minds. I came to Stan knowing that perception is a very important factor in the hiring decision, Stan showed me what to do about it.
    Norman L.
  • Attending a presentation by Stan is like entering an orbit of higher wisdom. Stan’s business, legal and practical experience comes through in the knowledge he imparts; in easy-to-understand terms, he is able to clearly explain steps one should take to stand apart from the competition. Whether one is seeking a job, a higher profile at work or a more impactful sales presentation, heeding Stan’s words helps elevate oneself to a more professional level. Sprinkled with a dose of humor and heavy on the real-life stories, Stan’s workshops are not to be missed as they are chuck-full of insight and knowledge on how best to navigate today’s treacherous competitive environment.

    David F.

Job Search

My approach to helping individuals in job search is to help them stand out from the crowd - to identify what makes them different, what qualities or skills they possess that are most marketable, what they can provide to an employer that makes them produce value from the first day on the job!

The services that I provide leverage those qualities:

•  I work with my clients to design job search strategies based on what the candidate has to offer

•  I create resumes and other marketing materials that are designed to appeal to the target audience for my clients' searches

•  I coach my clients on the best way to present themselves, both in person, on the phone, and in writing, whether it be email, formal mailings, and increasingly, in on-line conversations.

•  I work closely with clients to prepare them for interviews. Nothing is worse than finally landing an interview and not knowing how to manage the meeting. I teach my clients techniques that make them effective at communicating the messages they need to send

•  I am a confirmed believer in the power of networking and I teach my clients effective networking techniques as well as motivate them to engage in networking activities

College Applications

I base my approach to the college application process on the very successful results of my own children: one was an above-average student with very non-specific educational objectives and the other was a high achiever with very focused (if unconventional) goals. Applying my philosophy of realistic goals, the application process was both hard work and fun. We visited colleges in different parts of the country, in different environments, with different approaches to education - but every college we visited was one that was absolutely within the reach of my children.

It's this realistic approach that has made me an advisor of choice to many parents and applicants. Once we've identified appropriate colleges, I work with my clients to help college admissions officers get to know my clients. The most important way this happens is through the application essays. My clients submit essays that really let the schools know what the applicant is about - what qualities he or she has and what they will bring to the school. My understanding of what the essay is really about differs from other counselors, but my approach has proved to be extremely effective, particularly for applicants to highly selective schools.

One special benefit I provide is that many parents find it helpful to have a buffer between them and their child during this period. I serve that function - but because my overall approach is to reduce the stress of the application process, parents compliment me on how I was able to help their child complete the application process and still maintain a happy relationship with Mom and Dad!

About Stanley Witkow

After a successful career as the general counsel of leading computer software companies and a senior vice president of GE Capital's IT Solutions business I began a new career: helping people with their job search, and helping young adults with their college application applications.

How do I move from the world of technology and corporate operations to such a people-oriented business? It was really quite simple.
My approach was to act as a counselor, to make inquiry into the origin of the problems I was tasked with resolving to understand that personalities and unique situations that would impact how potential solutions. I bring that same approach to my work with people in job search, as well as the marketing and sales techniques that I have acquired working with people in those disciplines.

My first approach is to help my clients identify their unique "value-add" so that they can distinguish themselves and stand out from the crowd. I do this through a series of exercises and role-plays which help clients learn what benefits they bring to potential employers.

• Articulating that value-add is critical and I am relentless in my coaching and training of clients to make certain that they are effective when they present themselves. My passion is for face-to-face interaction but I also help clients prepare dynamic collateral materials to promote themselves.

• Whether looking for a new position or trying to gain admission to a selective college or university, motivation and persistence are key elements of success. My positive approach to coaching and coaxing is appreciated by my clients.

• I am passionate about the value of networking, both for job seekers and college applicants. There is no better way to get the word out about yourself than through face-to-face meetings. My college bound applicants report that networking has helped them learn about themselves - so they are better positioned to tell their stories.

• Californian by birth, a lawyer by education, a person with a wide network of contacts and broad interests, I am the ideal choice to help you develop the skills - and the strategic plan - you need to achieve your employment and educational goals.


I moderate a free workshop for people in career or employment transition. The workshop meets Tuesdays at 2PM at Temple Israel in Westport, CT. Temple Israel is located at 14 Coleytown Road, near exit 42 on the Merritt Parkway. Space is limited so please reserve a space now by sending an email to me at

I am a SCORE volunteer! I help guide small businesses down the road of success.

I practice what I preach - Networking. I am a member and Vice President of Fairfield County Business Connections.
FC-BC meets once a week, Thursday mornings at 7:00am, at the Rowayton Library.

Stan's Speaking Schedule

Your Elevator Speech, MENG, 10AM Thursday, November 13, 2014 at the Weston Public Library,
56 Norfield Rd, Weston, CT 06883

Your Elevator Speech, 6PM Tuesday,
December 9, 2014 at the Darien Public Library, 1441 Post Rd, Darien, CT 06820.  Register at the SCORE website 


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